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I have really been inspired to focus my drawing and paintings around birds since working at the BTO. Watching birds allows me to capture the movements and behavior of the different species.

Corvids are my favorite – they have such personalities with lots of character. Close family and friends often compare me to a Magpie – maybe its my love for collecting things!


I have always loved wolves, ever since I was small and have been lucky enough to work with them when I studied at university. My aim in drawing them is to dispel their negative personas , so people can see what I saw in them; a intelligent, loving and social animal.

Here you can also see some of my work using gold leaf, to enhance the graceful movements of otters swimming in the water.


Bees are such an integral part of our ecosystem. Of all the 25 species of Bumblebee in the uk, Bombus Terrestris (the Buff Tail Bumblebee) is my favourite – their tiny bodies hold so much detail


From my time working at a tree surgery firm, I developed a love for trees, especially ancient trees – their impressive ages hold so much character and individuality.